Locking/Unlocking anyone’s Facebook account/id through much easy steps.

Locking/Unlocking anyone’s Facebook account/id

If you are trying lock/unlock anyone else’s or your own Facebook account, then its not a big deal now just go through the following steps and get started…

Step 1 - At first you just need to send a message to the victim or the person whose account you want to get locked. The message should contain the following; (http:// 34255353309)
Step 2 - Now ask the victim to remove the space left after http:// and copy the link.

Step 3 - Now at the last ask them to post that link as their status or in the form of a comment through their profile at any post.

Step 4 All done!! The moment victim follow this his/her account will get locked. 

Blocked Facebook account? Get It unlocked, just go through following steps…

Step 1-
While logging in to your account if you see a dialog box stating “Your Account Is Temporary Blocked” click on continue.

Step 2- In the next step you need to enter the stated captcha for the security check.

Step 3- At last confirm your identity by Answering your security question, by identifying your fb friend’s photos, Mobile/Phone Number verification.

That’s All you will now get back your access to your Facebook account again. ;-)

Any queries or questions are most welcome feel free to leave your feedback in the comment box below…

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