MBR (Master Boot Record) Filter Tool- No more malicious software...

MBR (Master Boot Record) Filter Tool- No more malicious software...

Nowadays ransomware threat has risen so much due to which its authors have made MBR in their particular attacks to not only just encrypting your important files in your hard disk but also block your computer system data as a whole.

To protects the master boot record (MBR) sector of computers from modification by ransomware, and other malicious attacks a free, open-source tool is released by Talos team at Cisco Systems.

A boot malware can easily install ransomware and some other harmful software in the windows kernel, which can’t be detected easily by any kind of software and takes unrestricted and unauthorized entry to your system’s data.

Cisco's Talos team free tool helps your computer system against these malware software by restricting your MBR to be rewritten or overwritten by any kind of unauthorized software.

MBR Filter tool is just a signed system driver that, prevents any harmful software from modifying data of the MBR section by putting the master boot record into a read-only format. it will safeguard our computer systems against MBR-targeting malware, like the Satana, or HDD Cryptor ransomware, Petya ransomware. Available for both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms on windows.

GitHub is having its source code which has been open sourced by CISCO team.

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