N00b friendly way of removing bios password from laptops and personal computers.

Hi Guys today i am writing a post on removing forgotten bios passwords.


One day when i woke up i saw that my windows is corrupted.The window needs to be reinstalled so i made my pendrive bootable to install windows.But bios need to be modified if you want to install windows using pendrive.When i booted into bios i realized myself that i forgot the bios password.To solved this i find many ways .Given below:-

1. Every motherboard of a computer contains a CMOS battery.Remove the battery from motherboard for about 30-60 minutes and put it back.It resets the bios password as well as settings of bios.

Image result for motherboard cmos battery
Motherboard cmos battery

2.You can also use a tool named CmosPwd .Which is available for many operating systems like windows and linux.For downloading the tool go to below link according to your operating system.

                                   Image result for cmospwd KALI LINUX

I personally used the 2nd method which worked for me because the 1st method is hard to do for a non-technical person (n00b) you need knowledge of motherboard to do that and the may be the method i used not work for you.

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